2011 Toronto Digital Printing Forum


Encouraged by the success of its Digital Printing Forum held for the first time in Toronto in 2010, INTERQUEST is organizing a similar event in 2011.

The 2011 Toronto Digital Printing Forum is designed around recent INTERQUEST market research studies conducted in North America.

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Wednesday, May 11
9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Ryerson University
Toronto, Ontario

For more information, call 1-434-979-9945
email: iquest@inter-quest.com

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Seminar Outline

08:00-09:00 Registration/breakfast


Digital Printing & Multi-channel Communications


09:05-9:30Digital Printing & Multi-channel Communications: Market Trends & Forecast, 2010-2015

        • Toby Cobrin, Director, INTERQUEST Ltd.,
        • John Zarwan, President, J Zarwan Partners

9:30-10:30Synergies between Printed & Electronic Communications

Case studies, Q&A

        • Eleanor Rafter, Director Partner Program Planning & Strategy, Canada Post
        • Kate Dunn, President, Digital Innovations Group
        • Julie Northrup, Innovations Specialist, Harmony Innovations
        • Ed Rooney, Director Business Development, Lowe Martin Group

10:30-11:00Break/visit sponsors’ display tables

11:00-11:30Transactional Printing/Transpromo: Market Trends & Forecast, 2010-2015

        • Gilles Biscos, President, INTERQUEST Ltd.,

11:30-12:30Convergence of Direct Mail & Transactional/Transpromo

Case studies, Q&A

        • Rich Bassett, President, Bassett Direct
        • Maureen Kotopski, Director, IS Shared Services -- Senior Manager, Project & Portfolio Management, Co-operators Life Insurance Company
        • Cyril Philipose, Senior Designer and Consultant, Prinova Inc.

12:30-13:30Lunch/Visit sponsors’ display tables


Digital Book & Manual Printing

13:30-14:00Market Trends & Forecast (Part 1)

        • Gilles Biscos, President, INTERQUEST Ltd.,

14:00-15:00Book Printers & Distributors Progress Report

Case studies, Q&A

        • Andrew Pate, Director of Digital Sales and Programs, Edwards Brothers, Inc.
        • Rob Clements, Content Acquisition Sales Consultant, Canada, Ingram Content Group
        • Mike Collinge, President & CEO, Webcom

15:00-15:30Break/Visit sponsors’ display tables

15:30-16:00Market Trends & Forecast (Part 2)

        • Toby Cobrin, Director, INTERQUEST Ltd.,

16:00-17:00Publishers’ Perspectives Panel

        • Heather Davies, Production Manager, Annick Press Ltd.,
        • Bryon Moore, General Manager, Grey House Publishing Canada
        • Sharon Houston, Director of Manufacturing & Paper, Pearson Canada
        • David Ward, Production Manager, Random house of Canada/McClelland & Stewart

17:00-18:00Cocktail party sponsored by Webcom


Comments from attendees to previous INTERQUEST Digital Book Forums:

“INTERQUEST seminars bring together important information through surveys and a broad range of speakers to stimulate strategic thinking on how to approach challenges in our business.”

Jim Robinson
Vice President of Operations and Administration
Harlequin Enterprises

“I thought the event was very well organized. I enjoyed seeing and hearing the speakers from different companies. Next year I will definitely spend more time at the Digital Book Forum.”

Michael Wright
Production Control Manager
BNA, Inc.

“I really enjoyed the market update session and INTERQUEST analysis of the key players and solutions out there. I appreciate that third party impartial view!”

John DePree
President & CEO
Bethany Press International

“We are converting our titles to digital. Now I have to figure out how to get those organized and cut down on our warehousing. I got a lot of good nuggets out of the forum that will help me”

Paul Woodsum
Production Manager
Mary Baker Eddy

“This was a great opportunity to be updated on where the market is going and to meet with key people in the industry. I am sure I will be back next year.”

Robert Legault
Advisor to the President
CPI Group

Ryerson University

School of Graphic Communications Management
125 Bond St., Toronto, Ontario M5B 1Y2, Canada
Tel: 416-979-5050
Fax: 416-979-5090

Map of the GCM Building: http://www.ryerson.ca/gcm/pages/map.html/



    Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, INTERQUEST is a market and technology research and consulting firm in the field of digital printing and publishing. INTERQUEST has more than 2,000 clients worldwide; approximately two thirds are end user organizations and one-fourth are outside the United States. INTERQUEST activities and services include:

    Multi-Client Market Research Studies & Industry Reports:

    Over the past 20 years, INTERQUEST has produced numerous landmark multi-client market research studies on topics such as digital printing, print-on-demand, transactional printing, color printing and variable imaging, substrates, and pre- and post-processing. Recent INTERQUEST studies on direct mail and transactional printing include:

  • European Transactional Printing: Market Analysis & Forecast, 2009-2014 (2010)
  • North American Transactional Printing: Market Analysis & Forecast, 2009-2014 (2009)
  • Digital MICR Printing: Market Analysis & Forecast, 2008-2013 (2009)
  • Direct Mail Printing: Market Analysis & Forecast, 2008-2013 (2009)
  • INTERQUEST studies on digital book manufacturing include:

  • Digital Book Printing: Market Analysis & Forecast, 2010-2015 (2010)
  • Digital Book Printing: Market Analysis & Forecast, 2010-2015 (2010)
  • High Growth Segments of Digital Book Printing: Market Analysis & Forecast (2007)
  • The Digital Book & Manual Printing Opportunity: Market Analysis & Forecast (2005)

    Consulting Services:

    INTERQUEST has conducted numerous consulting projects for leading industry players around the world. These include printing and finishing equipment vendors, software companies, service bureaus, end user companies, and trade organizations.

    Seminars and Industry Forums:

    Since 2003 INTERQUEST has conducted numerous seminars covering topics such as color production printing and personalized communications in graphics arts, transactional and vertical markets, as well as digital printing in government and higher education. In 2009, INTERQUEST organized the Digital Printing: Direct Marketing & Transactional/Transpromo Forum in Paris and Montreal. In May and June 2010, our first Digital Printing & Multi-Channel Communications Forums took place in Toronto and Paris, respectively.

    Every year since 2006 INTERQUEST has organized “The Digital Book Printing Forum” during the Publishing Business Conference & Expo held in New York City. . In 2010 INTERQUEST organized the third annual Digital Book Printing Forums in Paris and Montreal and the first similar event in London, as well as the first Toronto Digital Printing Forum.

    Books and Guides:

    INTERQUEST offers books and guides which are being used by many organizations including equipment vendors, print providers, and end-user companies to educate their sales, marketing, and technical staff as well as customers and resellers.These publications include the Guide to Paper and Digital Printing: What You Should Know.